5 Facts About Carpet Cleaning That Will Blow Your Mind

We understand that you love your carpets a lot and they even play an important role in your home and act as a filter that holds dust, dirt, and many kinds of unhealthy allergens like dead skin cells, bacteria, and insect feces. While you clean your carpets on a regular basis, they still require professional carpet cleaning treatment at least once a year.

If you have stains on your home carpet, then, you must not like it and it can become the reason for your carpet fibers to wear out faster. Carpets are for giving a soft feel to the feet and welcoming gestures in your home. But, according to professionals, with time soil settles down into the carpet fibers which makes the soft carpet acts like sandpaper. Even if you have one or two stains on your carpet, you should still do something to remove it. If you are unable to do it then, you can call or take help from professional carpet cleaning companySo, in this article, we are going to share with you 5 facts about carpet cleaning that will blow your mind.

Cleaning Carpet
Cleaning Carpet
  1. Less is more: Using too much liquid detergent is not at all good for your carpet. It is a false belief of many people that the more they will use a carpet cleaning solution to clean their carpets, the more effective the cleaning will be. Well, no it is not true. In fact, it sets the carpet to attract new dirt as the carpet remains wet. Instead using a powdered detergent is safe for carpets and gives results as effective as liquid detergent. Soil particles are bonded to these chemicals. But they are also released and get sucked up by vacuuming.
  2. Pre-treat: Pre-treatment of carpets is a necessary step whether it is done by a professional or DIY. Pre-treatment prepares the carpet fibers to loosen up the Deep dirt and other contaminants. These particles are deep inside the carpet fibers. Bacteria or invisible grime is a part of the carpet’s environment as it deals with daily foot traffic. Therefore, pre-treatment knocks out the hidden bacteria and grime effectively from the carpets.
  3. The PH factor: The carpet cleaning requires pH tolerant carpet cleaning solutions. By checking your carpet, professionals get to know the material of your carpet. But, if you are doing a DIY project, then, it is very important that you check the type of your carpet. If you will use a carpet cleaning solution without knowing your carpet type, then, you may harm or damage your carpet permanently.
  4. Brush spots lightly: You should avoid brushing your carpets harshly if you have any spots or stains. There is a technique to clean the spots properly, you should gently brush the spots to remove them.
  5. Homemade cleaning solutions: In the old time, there were no budget-friendly professionals for carpet cleaning. But still they clean their carpets using homemade carpet cleaning solutions. Those homemade carpet cleaning solutions are very effective. You can make these with some simple home products like liquid detergent, white vinegar, and baking soda or water.


So, these are the 5 facts about carpet cleaning, which you need to know. For more carpet problems, you should call a professional for help. Contact Us Today and Make an Appointment 

Kitchen Tile Cleaning Method – The Best Way To Clean Kitchen Marble

The tiles are the perfect choice for kitchen floors because they are durable and stain resistant, in addition to the fact that the cost of maintenance is not high but rather relatively cheap, and these tiles are less porous than wood so you should not worry. 

This Article is Broken into 4 Blocks Of:

  1. Cleaning Kitchen Tiles
  2. Basic steps for caring for tile floors
  3. Vacuuming floors
  4. Ammonia mix for cleaning Tiles
  5. References 

Cleaning Kitchen Tiles 

Trying to clean it immediately when liquid is spilled, like water on it, but with regard to cleaning it, you must know the quality of the tile in the kitchen before starting. This is because some detergents may affect certain types of tiles, so here are some safe solutions to clean all types of tiles by a  tile cleaning services:

  • Required materials:Broom. Straw to remove dust. Castile vinegar or soap. Hot water. Spray bottle (spray). Wiper. 5 to 10 drops of an essential oil (orange, peppermint, or lavender).
  • Method:Clean the floor by vacuuming it to remove dust and crumbs, and the need to clean well from the corners near the walls and cupboards, because crumbs and dirt usually collect in these places. 

Basic Steps for Caring for Floors

  • Prepare the cleaning solution by mixing vinegar with hot water and a few drops of essential oil (as desired), pour it into the spray bottle and shake it well to homogenize the material.
  • Test the solution on an invisible area of ​​tiles to ensure that it does not affect or damage it.
  • For tile and grout cleaning in Armadale,  spray the floor with a cleaning solution to make it wet, while avoiding spraying large quantities so that the ground does not become wet.
  • Rub the floor with a microfiber cleaning cloth, rub it to the right and north, then up and down to make sure that the cleaning is well even between the cracks.
  • Repeat the previous steps until it is completely finished, and then fill the package with water only without vinegar and spray the floor again, and use another clean mop to dry and remove any residue of vinegar.
  • Allow the floor to dry for at least half an hour before walking on it to avoid transferring dirt to it again. Basic steps for caring for tile floors: You should take care of tile floors on a daily basis to keep them from being damaged as much as possible, here are some steps to achieve this: 
Vacuuming Floors Cleaning

Vacuuming Floors 

Kitchen tile cleaning using the vacuuming tile floors helps to remove dirt and crumbs easily. Wipe the floors with warm water, and clean the mop after you finish wiping each small stain. Dry the floor with a dry, clean mop. 

Clean stains as soon as they happen, like juice stains or food, because the longer it stays on the ground, the more it deepens at the ends and becomes difficult to remove. 

Ammonia Mixture for Cleaning Tiles

Many floor cleaners have a high cost and do not do the required work. Alternatively, ammonia is a kitchen tile restoration agent that can be used by mixing an equal amount of ammonia and water in the bucket. Rubber gloves are recommended to protect hands from any damage that may happen. 


Obviously, cleaning the kitchen tiles must not be done in a hurry. This is because you have to first catch into the makeup that the kitchen tiles are made of: quality, type, make, durability, etc. Once you are acquainted with this, you can now determine the requisite material needed for cleaning it in order not to spoil your kitchen tiles. You can consult a professional tile cleaning services like Carpet Cleaning Armadale to help you with guidelines as well.